The concept of retirement has undergone a paradigm shift in the last couple of years. Retirement opens a whole new chapter for many individuals, when they pursue the ‘work they love to do and convert their hobbies to professions. There's an increasing trend of individuals opting for voluntary retirement as they reach the other side of 40s. There are many reasons why planning for retirement is important like any other goals:

Increase in Life Expectancy:-

Our generation will live longer than previous ones due to improved medical and healthcare, implying the need to gather enough funds that can sustain longer life.

Change of Social Structures:-

In spite of family support, many retirees don’t prefer depending on the relatives or children for meeting post retirement expenses. Maintaining independent lifestyle is sustainable only when backed with a financial cushion.

Lack of Social Security System :-

There is no social security system in our country. Hence one has to plan to build the entire corpus to help meet the regular income or any contingency post retirement requirements.

Rest and Relaxation :-

After fulfilling all your responsibilities, you may want to build a retirement corpus to go on holidays, to pursue a hobby etc.

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